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Yoga and choosing a more conscious lifestyle is the fastest growing trend across the world. Yogamint supplies easy to implement tips for our readers to help them eat better, move better, think better and live fuller, richer lives. Yogamint is for everyone, everywhere, even for those who have never laid a mat down in a yoga class.


Our twice weekly e-newsletters serve up short, sweet and deliciously useful bits of information mined from sources ranging from timeless yogic teachings to alternative healing practices to remedies your great-grandmother might have passed down. These “mints” provide tips on how to get those kinks out of your neck after a long day of hunching over a computer or get that deeply rejuvenating sleep you've been craving in an all-natural way.


The Yogamint website features a variety of articles written on subjects from nutrition to astrology to natural childbirth. To keep things lively we also include entertaining and instructional video clips, as well as our picks for enlightening books, movies and events happening locally and around the planet.

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We at Yogamint think it's super important that our readers have a good time; that each individual experience joy on an ongoing basis. That's why our "mints" are always fresh, friendly and full of light!

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We're more than happy to provide additional fresh and enriching information about what we're up to here at Yogamint, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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Public Relations Manager

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