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Here are a few of the amazing, energetic and inspired groups and individuals we think you should know about. Some offer great information, others terrific products and services. All care immensely about what they do and who they do it for (that means you). They join us in keeping our higher purpose always in the forefront. We're grateful for what they do every day to uplift and enlighten us all.

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A2Z Yoga: Everything about yoga: yoga postures, yoga poses, pranayamas, yoga mudras. Find answers to all yoga questions - for beginners and regular practitioners.

Kundalini Research Institute:
The teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. Training, Research, Publishing, Resources.

Kundalini Yoga in Mexico:
For all people who wish to find information about yoga, meditation, health and healthy lifestyles. Spanish and English versions.

Peace Lagoon for Healing:
A bountiful page full of yoga, music, videos, content for a healthy & conscious lifestyle. In English & Spanish.

Yoga Movement:
Our goal is to help you learn about yoga and to direct you to the best internet sources for yoga information.

Yoga Finder:
Find yoga classes around the country. The largest yoga directory on the net.

Yoga Web:
A comprehensive guide to yoga. Find information related to the ancient art and science of yoga.

yoga Bloggers

Catalyst Yogi: Serves to uplift and enlighten you with practical ancient spiritual wisdom that delivers true happiness into your life.

Daily Downward Dog:
Go from stressed out to blissed out with the joyful wisdom shared by Maria Santoferro.

Elephant Journal/Yoga: An abundant and diverse range of bloggers share their thoughts (including our Mint Momma, Hari Bhajan). Edited by Bob Weisenberg.

Everything Yoga Blog
Do yoga. Be yoga. Live yoga. Always something new & interesting from Diane DiGiorgio Cesa as she explores the inner & outer realms of yoga.

Finding My Way Om
A busy mom looking for inner peace through yoga and meditation, Traci Lisa shares art, thoughts and inspiration.

It's All Yoga, Baby: A blog about yoga and other things, with a mission to spark conversation and inquiry into the practice, by Roseanne Harvey.

Journey to Infinity:
One World - Two People - One Journey - Many Recipes for a Fulfilled Life. Two yogis hit the road to enlighten and be enlightened.

Kundalini Yoga with Sharlene Starr:
Masterful teacher, seeker and author focused on health, well-being and conscious living.

Life Nectar: A yogi's musings on life, nature, loving animals and respecting all life with Donna Davidge.

So You Think You Can Yoga:
Susy Vishmid shares a unique potpourri of yoga, philosophy, anatomy, movement and dance derived from her life as a movement professional.

The Traveling Yogi:
Passionate about travel, yoga and natural healing Rachel Nelson takes you along as she traverses the globe with her mantra "Om is Where the Heart Is."

Yoga - Reiki - Awareness: Siri Deva Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and dancer, who's mission is to inspire and provide guidance to people on their journey.

Yogic Seeds:
Siri Kirin is a Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga teacher, Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Raindrop Therapist.

Products & Services

Acacia: Yoga and fitness DVD's.

I Love Yoga:
Yoga clothes, yoga community and yoga teachings all combine to create a company whose intention is to bring yogic love to the business community.

Relax Already:
Specializing in relaxation for executives, corporate teams, artists, brides, and anyone who is stressed and uninspired.

Soapy Olive Natural Living:
Home of 100% natural soap. Suitable for any skin type, our bars help promote and maintain healthy skin.

The Y Catalog:
Find the highest quality of hand selected items from the most highly regarded manufacturers in the yoga industry and make an impact on the world we live in.

At last a symbol of your individuality. The personal freedom to express yourself in your yoga mat.

A community that co-creates products drawing upon ancient wisdom, contemporary eco-design and the finest natural ingredients and materials.

Family & Kids Yoga

Musical Yoga Adventures: Combining yoga and music, a program designed to take you and your child or student on a journey that will nourish body, mind and spirit.

Radiant Child Yoga:
All about the children, because they are fresh, wise, radiant, and they are our trust in the future of our world.

Shanti Generation:
A movement to empower youth with peacemaking skills to build a world that respects and celebrates difference on the way to discovering unity.

Sunlight Yoga
: Pre-natal, gentle and corporate yoga. Yoga for everyone! "Health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way." --Swami Sivananda

Yoga Buddies:
Our mission is to inspire each student physically, mentally, emotionally and socially through the practice of yoga.

Yoga for Youth:
Providing urban youth with tools for self discovery that foster hope, discipline and respect for self, others and community.

Yoga In My School:
Empowers parents and teachers to access the benefits of yoga by providing a website which collects everything related to yoga for kids and teens.

Yoga Rocks:
Helping hundreds of kids & adults improve their lives by learning yoga – having a ripple effect that will make a tangible difference to thousands of people worldwide.

Yoga with Akal:
Akal Kaur's focus is on women before and after birth, both in yoga and as a registered nurse working with new moms and babies.


Aykanna Medicine Music: Pauline Sukhdev Drossart and percussionist Akahdahmah merge devotional chants  with uplifting music.

Bright Star Live Events:
Dedicated to presenting events that lift the spirit and make the world a more joyful place.

Invincible Music:
Features yoga music, reiki music, meditation videos, and art therapy.

Spirit Voyage
Devotional and chant music to uplift and inspire. CD's, Concerts, Events and Workshops.

Yogi Tunes:
The preferred music choice for countless yoga instructors and practitioners.


3HO Solstice Sadhana Celebration: A 10-day journey of transformation, healing, community and bliss. Summer: Espanola NM   Winter: Lake Wales, FL.

Bhakti Fest:
Four days of kirtan, yoga, workshops and loving community in Joshu Tree, California.

Hannuman Festival:
We seek to raise the global vibration and churn up positive energy. Yoga, conscious business, good people & the power of connection in Boulder, Colorado

Mountain Pose Yoga Festival:
Featuring health care researchers and professionals, yogis, musicians and motivational speakers at Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Sat Nam Fest:
Kundalini yoga and music festival in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Waynesboro, Virginia and Joshua Tree, CA.

Tadasana Festival:
International Festival of Yoga & Music. A 3-day transformative experience on the famed Santa Monica Beach.

retreats & travel

Sewall House: Truly escape from life's pressures with daily yoga, meditation, surrounding nature and two nearby pristine lakes in our small New England town.

Solyoga Trips:
We travel to magical places, seek authentic adventures and give back to the community.

The Travel Yogi:
Travel and yoga are both transformative. Join us on a adventure and watch what happens.

Yoga Borgo:
Country retreat center for yoga, rejuvenation and spiritual renewal. Located in Umbria, Italy.

Healthy Eating

Get Natured: Live a nurtured life by fueling your body with whole foods and exercise, nurturing creativity, and finding community. A blog by Allison Brewer.

Healthy Voyager:
Here you'll find information, videos, podcasts, articles and more that will help you lead a happier, healthier and greener life!

Karma Chow:
Melissa Costello, Healthy Food Chef, provides personal chef services, cooking parties, meal delivery, lessons, 30-day cleanses and one-on-one coaching.

Naturally Savvy:
News and commentary about natural, organic and green living.

The Kind Life:
From Alicia Silverstone - about living your healthiest and happiest life to the fullest, while taking care of mama Earth at the same time!

The Whole Journey:
Christa Orecchio help people live healthier, happier and more energetic lives through whole food nutrition, supplementation and healthy lifestyle guidance.

healing & inspiration

BodhiMed: Dr. Sharada Hall, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, using the ancient science of ayurvedic medicine for modern health.

Celestial Communication with Adarsh:
Celestial Communication re-attunes you with your natural creativity and self-expression through the use of movement, music & meditation.

Daily Transformations:
Tamara Kerner is an intuitive healer, speaker and guide helping people make the transformation in their lives they’ve been longing to make.

Pure, organic, therapeutic-grade and sustainably harvested essential oils and aromatic treasures.

Holistic Yogini:
Jess Lewis-Peltier blends ancient healing practices with modern-day science to create a practical approach to holistic health.

Soul Answer:
Siri Gian Kaur guides you to open to the incredible wisdom of your own unique Soul.

The Daily Love:
TDL blends wisdom with style and delivers a daily email and Twitter messages for a fast paced lifestyle. 


Blue Light Yoga: Bringing the healing power of yoga to underfunded schools, hospitals, prisons and shelters.

A fresh new social networking website for seekers in search of Truth based on eastern ways of philosophy, healthy living and spirituality.

Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization:
A Global Community of people who practice and share the teachings of Yogi Bhajan so that they may serve, inspire, and empower humanity.

Yoga Month:
Building awareness of yoga’s proven health benefits and providing people with actionable guidance and tools to better their own well-being.