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  • 02-Sep-2012

    Pep Up With Probiotics

    Body-Friendly Bacteria

    When you hear the word “bugs” in relation to your health, it might conjure up visions of the flu or other...

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  • 19-Aug-2012

    Celebrate Cilantro

    Super-Healing Herb

    This tasty green herb puts pizzazz in your salsa and has the power to heal and cleanse your body.

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  • 05-Aug-2012

    Wet Your Whistle

    Rose of Jamaica Tea

    “Agua de flor de Jamaica” or hibiscus tea—with its lovely tart flavor and deep red color—is a universal herbal...

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  • 22-Jul-2012

    Bravo for Brussels Sprouts

    Mini-Cabbage Miracle

    Mom was onto something when she made you eat your Brussels sprouts. These beautiful little gems are...

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  • 08-Jul-2012

    Peppercorn Power

    The King of Spices

    You may think of black pepper as the companion to salt, but it is so much more! Peppercorns have been...

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  • 13-May-2012

    Fruit of the Angels

    The Wonders of Papaya

    Full of fiber, digestive enzymes and anti-oxidants for healthy cholesterol and anti-aging benefits…

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  • 29-Apr-2012

    Heal with Goldenseal

    Gift of Nature's Pharmacy

    Goldenseal—a bitter root known as a healing plant and material dye for centuries by Native Americans...

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  • 15-Apr-2012

    Open to Sesame

    The Seed with Spirit

    Sesame seeds are steeped in mystic lore, believed to be worthy as an offering to the gods. Sesame oil was prescribed...

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  • 01-Apr-2012

    Check Out Chickpeas

    Buttery, Protein-Filled Beans

    Garbanzos— also known as chickpeas—are a staple food in Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. These buttery-soft...

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  • 04-Mar-2012

    A Grain of Salt

    Season with Sense

    Salt is one of humanity’s most precious commodities — in times past a person’s value was measured by...

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  • 19-Feb-2012

    Bee-Friend Your Throat

    Honey-Lemon Remedy

    No one likes a sore throat—from a tickle to a full-blown “can’t swallow” affair that makes it difficult...

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  • 08-Jan-2012

    Go Wild with Oregano

    Herbal Essential Oil

    You know the feeling—tightness in your chest, achy muscles and a tickle in your throat. It’s a cold or...

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  • 18-Dec-2011

    Naturally Nutmeg

    Spice for all Seasons

    Go natural with nutmeg. This once costly, rare and much fought-over spice is now a staple in most kitchens...

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  • 04-Dec-2011

    Applause for Apples

    A Garden of Eatin'

    What is better than the crunch of a sweet, juicy apple? You can thank the Roman horticulturists who...

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  • 20-Nov-2011

    Some Nerve

    Foods That Calm

    Nerves frayed? Feeling anxious? You could take mega-doses of vitamins or get your doctor’s advice.

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  • 06-Nov-2011

    Go Bananas

    Show-Stopping Fruit

    Don’t overlook the banana. It may be a comical fruit, but bananas pack a nutritional punch...

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  • 25-Oct-2011

    A Royal Cuppa Tea

    India's Queen of Herbs - A Dedicated Email

    Tulsi (Holy Basil) is one of the most cherished herbs of India. Known as the Queen of Herbs, Tulsi...

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  • 23-Oct-2011

    Feast on Yeast

    Sprinkle on Some Nutrition

    Yeast is not just for bread! Nutritional yeast (deactivated yeast) is called the “vegetarian’s protein.”

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  • 25-Sep-2011

    Fruit of the Gods

    Golden Figs for Potency

    Fig-ure this: the fruit of the gods—fresh figs— offer up some divine benefits for both men and women.

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  • 14-Aug-2011

    Packaged Sunshine

    Cleanse with Chlorophyll

    Remember studying photosynthesis in biology class? Plants use chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants and algae...

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  • 31-Jul-2011

    Please in a Pod

    The Wonders of Cardamom

    This fragrant, mysterious spice from the East comes as tiny black seeds wrapped in their own protective pod.

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  • 12-Jul-2011

    Tame Your Tummy

    Nature's Digestive Aids - A Dedicated Email

    Stress, travel, overeating… modern life can take a toll on your digestion. So what’s your tummy to do?

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  • 07-Jul-2011

    Sweet Nothings

    Your Brain on Sugar

    Got the sugar blues? Low blood sugar can be a major factor in lack of energy, brain fog and moodiness.

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  • 26-Jun-2011

    Yogi Mush

    Cleansing Veggie Soup

    Thinking of “going green?” One way to green up your internal environment is to eat Yogi Mush. This healing soup is made with...

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  • 09-Jun-2011

    O-Mazing Omegas

    Enjoy the Good Fats

    Oh, those o-mazing Omegas. These “good fats” contain EFAs (essential fatty acids), key to nervous system and brain health.

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  • 29-May-2011

    Spice Up Your Life

    Groove with Ginger Root

    Pungent, fragrant and medicinally-gifted, ginger root has such character, from its gnarled look to its taste-bud popping flavor.

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  • 15-May-2011

    Radical Radish

    Dig the Daikon

    Do you know your radishes? Unlike the dainty red radish, the daikon radish looks like an albino carrot on steroids...

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  • 10-May-2011

    Water, Water Everywhere

    Little Drops to Drink - A Dedicated Email

    Water is the stuff of life. You drink it, bathe in it and prepare your food with it. In fact, your body is composed of around 60% water.

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  • 01-May-2011

    Prepare for Take-Off

    Eat Right on the Flight

    Between security checks, flight delays, germs, weather, luggage, jet lag and sitting in airline seats for hours...

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  • 14-Apr-2011

    No Blues with Blueberries

    Little Berry, Big Benefit

    Blueberries probably should be called BLISSberries because they’re so healthy and beautifully blue.

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