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  • 05-Aug-2012

    Wet Your Whistle

    Rose of Jamaica Tea

    “Agua de flor de Jamaica” or hibiscus tea—with its lovely tart flavor and deep red color—is a universal herbal...

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  • 27-May-2012

    Pods of Delight

    Vanilla's Wondrous Ways

    A gift from Mexico—the vanilla orchid—yields the aromatic pods that have given the world the...

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  • 13-May-2012

    Fruit of the Angels

    The Wonders of Papaya

    Full of fiber, digestive enzymes and anti-oxidants for healthy cholesterol and anti-aging benefits…

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  • 19-Feb-2012

    Bee-Friend Your Throat

    Honey-Lemon Remedy

    No one likes a sore throat—from a tickle to a full-blown “can’t swallow” affair that makes it difficult...

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  • 18-Dec-2011

    Naturally Nutmeg

    Spice for all Seasons

    Go natural with nutmeg. This once costly, rare and much fought-over spice is now a staple in most kitchens...

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  • 20-Nov-2011

    Some Nerve

    Foods That Calm

    Nerves frayed? Feeling anxious? You could take mega-doses of vitamins or get your doctor’s advice.

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  • 25-Oct-2011

    A Royal Cuppa Tea

    India's Queen of Herbs - A Dedicated Email

    Tulsi (Holy Basil) is one of the most cherished herbs of India. Known as the Queen of Herbs, Tulsi...

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  • 28-Aug-2011

    Up to Dates

    Fruit of the Desert

    Looking for a healthy, fiber-filled snack to boost your energy? Get up to date with dates—the “fruit of the desert.”

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  • 14-Aug-2011

    Packaged Sunshine

    Cleanse with Chlorophyll

    Remember studying photosynthesis in biology class? Plants use chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants and algae...

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  • 07-Jun-2011

    Creamy and Dreamy

    Coconut's Blissful Evolution - A Dedicated Email

    Can a dessert be divinely delicious as well as nutritious, sustainable and vegan? Many folks are looking for alternatives to dairy...

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  • 29-May-2011

    Spice Up Your Life

    Groove with Ginger Root

    Pungent, fragrant and medicinally-gifted, ginger root has such character, from its gnarled look to its taste-bud popping flavor.

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  • 10-May-2011

    Water, Water Everywhere

    Little Drops to Drink - A Dedicated Email

    Water is the stuff of life. You drink it, bathe in it and prepare your food with it. In fact, your body is composed of around 60% water.

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  • 24-Feb-2011

    Turn to Turmeric

    Golden Milk for Achy Joints

    When your joints are stiff and sore, it’s time to turn to turmeric—the Indian goddess of health and beauty—

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  • 03-Feb-2011

    Women's Essentials

    Remedies for PMS and Cramps

    Yoga, exercise and diet offer excellent relief for menstrual cramps, as well as other symptoms that many women experience.

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  • 20-Jan-2011

    Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

    Amazing Energy Mousse

    Is your head hitting the desk at 2 pm? Are the kids running circles around you in the middle of the day? Get out your blender...

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  • 06-Jan-2011

    Cool Celery

    Stalk of Many Uses

    Celery – cooling to your nervous system and filled with minerals and water (great for weight loss to stave off hunger).

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  • 09-Sep-2010

    The Perfect Blend

    Fruit Smoothie with a Twist

    What’s so “cool” about a fruit smoothie? Blender drinks provide a super-simple, healthy treat. Refreshing and delicious, smoothies make...

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  • 01-Aug-2010

    Your Inner Air Conditioner

    Iced Peppermint Tea

    One of the most refreshing drinks of all time is iced peppermint tea. Keep this favorite in your fridge all summer long!

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  • 11-Jul-2010

    Lyte Up Your Life

    Natural Electrolyte Sources

    When it’s this hot out, it’s good to know the human body is made to withstand it. Water helps and there are all kinds...

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  • 20-Jun-2010

    Grapefruit is Great Fruit

    C the Possibilities

    Besides being amazingly tasty and totally, incredibly healthy, the luscious grapefruit offers . . .

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  • 28-Mar-2010

    First Drink of the Day

    Water You Waiting For?

    Let there be water! Most people don’t drink enough water throughout the day. You get too busy . . .

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  • 14-Mar-2010

    In the Fasting Lane

    Spring Cleaning

    Rains come, flowers bloom, birds fly north and the bees get back to their busy, buzzing business. As the seasons change...

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  • 28-Feb-2010

    Pepper Doctor

    Holy Jalapeno!

    Ay Chihuahua! For some, jalapenos are just too hot, even though they’re considered low on the scales of spicy.

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  • 21-Jan-2010

    Drink Away Dis-ease

    Super Juice Recipe

    Super charge your system and clean out your organs with this powerful combo of beets, carrots, apple and ginger juice.

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  • 03-Jan-2010

    Beat the Bug

    Super Flu Tea Recipe

    Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Human Flu—Oh My! What to do when the flu arrives? The most important thing is to build...

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  • 29-Nov-2009

    The Skinny on Milk

    Got Truth?

    They say the gods live in a land of milk and honey. But what kind of milk? We are the only species that drinks the milk of...

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  • 21-Oct-2009

    Those Amazing Almonds

    Make Your Own Milk

    Almonds are not only loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, and important phyto-chemicals...

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  • 16-Aug-2009

    Cool as a Cucumber

    Peel off the Summer Heat

    When the summer sun pushes the temperature outside your body up or even beyond the temperature within it...

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