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Trans-Form with Awareness

Yoga Revelation I

The expansion of inner self-awareness via a physical practice done with conscious intention—this is how I define “Yoga Revelation.” A yoga practice has the power to ignite unlimited revelations, beyond the physical experience, giving you access to knowledge that enhances and supports your total wellness. In this series, we will explore how yoga “reveals” the mind-body-spirit connection.

I encourage my students to develop self-awareness through a slow yoga practice, by setting an intention to feel the breath moving into every part of the body. An excellent pose to help develop breath awareness is Dangling Forward Fold (Uttanasana).

As you exhale forward, breathe slowly and with surrender. Stay in this pose for 10 deep breaths. The secret is to feel the deep inhale expand your skin and muscles while slightly lifting the body; then, let the air leave your body with a conscious exhale. This practice of conscious breathing and feeling what is happening is a great habit to master.

Every day your patience is tested. You may lose your work when the computer crashes. Sometimes you have to stand in line at the bank or grocery store—a hassle when trying to do errands on your lunch break. The truth is, you cannot control what happens to you; but yoga reveals to you how you can control your response to stress.

Use this breathing technique during a challenging time—such as standing in the bank line. Inhale deeply and slightly shift your weight onto one foot. On the exhale, shift the weight to the other side. Notice a change in your energy as you begin to calm down. Conscious breathing alters the release of chemicals that ignite tension and stress. Yoga will instill this truth into your cellular structure with practice.

Visualize your breathing as water flowing through the tightest crevices. Use your practice to open the crevices wider each time. You will come to realize that your physical being is more expansive than you perceived. Bring your awareness to your practice and enjoy the subtle and (not so subtle) understanding that yoga magically brings! I hope you will share your yoga revelations with me….

Valerie Goodman
Yoga instructor and owner of Yoga Revelation

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