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Young at Heart

3 Tips to Defy Age

To a large degree, you can control how quickly—or slowly—your body ages. Whether you are 17 or 71, you choose what happens to your body by how you think, live and react to stress. So how can you keep a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eyes? My top choices for agelessness are: Nutrition, Exercise, and Deep Heart Connection. These big three cover the mind-body-spirit connection vital to prolonging youthfulness.

Nutrition: You are what you eat, so to look and feel good, start with clean and nutritious foods. You must also eat properly for your body type. Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner and learn what foods are best suited to your constitution. Let your body type help define your diet in order to maximize the benefits of the food you eat.

Tip—Each day, drink 8 ounces of tart cherry juice for its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits to help the body recover quickly from workouts or inflammation.

Exercise: A strong, hardy body is a youthful one. Exercise does a body good and keeps disease and stress away. Remember, aging is less about chronology and more about condition.

Tip—Practice the Kundalini Yoga Basic Spinal Energy series several times a week to keep your spine flexible. You are as young as your spine is flexible!

Deep Heart Connection: Maintaining a deep heart connection between you and the world keeps you young! Medical studies confirm that helping others does a heart good, so getting out in the world and doing service assists others and keeps you healthy in the process. What a win/win!

Tip—Feed people. A great place to go is to the Hunger Site. A click a day on their website provides food to the hungry at no cost to you. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Let’s stay forever young! Good food, proper exercise and a lot of love in your heart can help you live each and every moment with a flexible body, mind and spirit.

Basic Spinal Series Basic Spinal Series (235 KB)

Lola Scarborough (Sat Avtar)
Yoga Lola Studios 

Recommended: The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs: A Contemporary Introduction and Useful Manual for the World's Oldest Healing System by Michael Tierra and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa and You: Staying Young by Michael Roizen


Karen Hazzard commented on 06-Mar-2012 05:36 AM5 out of 5 stars

Hi I am a yoga teacher and I teach yoga to children aged 4 to 18 in Clontarf, Dublin. I really enjoyed your article and I would add the joy of play! As we get older we sometimes loose the pure ability to abandon yourself to play and imagination. Find time
to play with children, at their level. Let them guide you in their gameplay and you will be enriched by the process. Enjoy!

Lola commented on 06-Mar-2012 09:03 AM3 out of 5 stars

How fun ... what a wonderful age group of children ... I have a variety of ages in my class, but it's on the upper end (12-18 and then 19-80!). Sometimes we'll make cat-cow noises and frog ribbets and barking with our poses just to keep it entertaining.
Thank you for the feedback and I'll be sure to remember to put element into one of my articles. Have a joyful, playful day today, Karen. Sat Nam.

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