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Shifting to Love

Sacred Journey of the Heart

The Aquarian shift that began in 2011 is carrying us from a mind-centered society to a heart-felt world. If we all were simply in a state of being love, everyone would have all the love they need. In the simplicity of being love, there is no doing, there is no giving, and there is no taking. This shift will evolve as the heart takes us out of duality and into unity consciousness.

To start this journey into the sacred space of the heart, it’s important to examine how your mind perceives love. Write down all of your ideas about love—from physical and romantic love to spiritual and cosmic love. Then, burn your list as a way to give notice to your mind that you are open to a new way of relating to your heart.

Next, take a journey to your heart center. Sit in your favorite meditation position, listening to soothing music with the sounds of nature. After a few minutes of long, gentle, deep breathing you will feel a calm sense of centering. Bring your attention to the center of your chest. Visualize a gold sphere in the center of your chest, expanding with every inhalation and exhalation. Silently chant three times to yourself, “I am the gold sphere in the center of my chest.”

As you experience this image of the golden light, allow it to take you into the sacred environment of the heart. Feel, see and sense the beating of your own heart, as you breathe deeply into the center of your creative being. Enter this dimension with the intention to receive guidance on how to live from the sacred space of the heart.

Each of you will experience this meditation in your own unique way with color, imagery, sound, physical sensations. Enjoy the journey into your heart!

Founder of Narayan Sacred Healing Beauty
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