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Nerves of Steel II

Super-Sonic Sat Kriya

Now that you’ve mastered the breathing practices shared in our previous Yogamint video about pranayama and you can blow gale force winds like Superman with that breath-power of yours, let’s move on to our second nerves-of-steel practice: Sat Kriya. Yogi Bhajan, advanced Kundalini yogi, is reputed to have said that Sat Kriya is the most powerful of all kriyas. I can tell you from my personal experience that this practice changes you from the inside out.

This deceptively simple asana is really a super-powered yogic practice in disguise. Sat Kriya aids digestion through use of Rock Pose (sitting on the heels) and navel pumping. By engaging Mulbandh (root lock), the stomach, intestines and digestive tract are stimulated. Mulbandh, combined with navel pumping, helps redistribute sexual energy throughout the body. As such, it helps unblock energy channels as the energy ascends through the chakras.

Got too much mojo? Too little? Not any more! Sat Kriya balances sex drive and removes sexual phobias. This practice also stimulates the endocrine system to help remove toxins, strengthens the heart and helps practitioners develop endurance, courage and will-power. Sat Kriya naturally helps develop nerves of steel via strengthening the nervous system.

As a teacher, healer and life coach, Sat Kriya holds my highest regard. I have recommended this practice to many clients and students with excellent results. It is a wonderful, natural way to overcome phobias, inertia, sexual disturbances, infertility, weight imbalance and anxiety. Best of all, it can be done by almost anyone, because it can be done sitting on the heels in Rock Pose, in Easy Pose or even lying down.

Start slowly and build up. Begin with 3 minutes of Sat Kriya followed by 3 minutes of relaxation. Double the practice and relaxation times until you are able to do 31 minutes a day. Commit to a 40-day practice and you will bring the body, mind, and spirit into healthy alignment very quickly.

Video demonstration with Lola: Raise the Energy Up

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