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Nerves of Steel IV

The Body Electric

We started this series on Nerves of Steel working on the power of the breath to become super-hero yogis. What’s a super-hero without a shield? Just like Captain America’s shield, your auric field protects you from negativity, psychic disturbance and illness, plus gives you a magnetic, radiant, healing presence.

All living beings have an electro-magnetic field. According to both yogis and scientists, your aura is a protective, egg-shaped bubble that extends from a few inches up to nine feet all around your body. A weakened aura has trouble fighting off negative thoughts and creates greater risk for physical illness.

Many things can weaken your aura, including illness, grief or trauma. When dramatic change occurs, your energy field alters, affecting the chemistry in your brain and body. Even environmental factors, such as an earthquake, can affect your auric field. Expanding your aura enhances your nervous system, which is why strengthening the aura is part of the Nerves of Steel toolkit.

Practice yoga to energize your aura. Other aura-builders include wearing all-natural, white clothing, doing breath of fire and practicing selfless service to open your heart. Prayer, meditation and martial arts all strengthen the outer shell of your auric field.

Turbo-charge your aura with Lion’s Paw Kriya. I recommend doing this exercise daily for 40 days to discover the positive difference it makes in your life. By building your aura, you’ll become happier and healthier. A strong aura makes you magnetic and charismatic—and life is definitely sweeter when you have the ability to attract to you what you want and need to live a healthy, happy life.

For demonstration of meditation watch Food & Flow video: Celebrate!:Vegan Eggnog & Lion's Paw Kriya

Lion's Paw Kriya Lion's Paw Kriya (218 KB)

Lola Scarborough
Yoga Lola Studios

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Hazeem Dar commented on 29-Dec-2011 11:53 PM3 out of 5 stars

You can pPerform Ego Eradicator exercise lying on the ground for 10, 20 or 30 minutes fairly easily to strengthen your aura. I am on my 2nd day of that exercise, and am feeling much better. P.S. I am not a Yoga Expert.

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