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Menopause Matters

Help for Hot Flashes

Suffering from hot flashes? The combination of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine offers many natural benefits for women going through menopause by promoting a state of balance for your entire being. Both these traditions treat the root of imbalance and not just the symptoms. With Ayurveda, herbs and acupuncture, your entire body benefits from having your energy regulated, your Yin and Yang balanced, and your internal fire calmed down naturally.

To cool the Pitta fires, Ayurveda recommends avoiding spicy, greasy and acidic foods like tomatoes, onions, garlic, chiles, red wine, sour oranges and grapefruits, fried foods, and white sugar. Focus your diet on cooling foods like cucumbers, mint, cilantro, coconut, watermelon, fennel, legumes, fresh dairy products and leafy greens.

Exercise is important, as long as it is a type of workout that is nourishing and not too heating (include swimming but avoid hot yoga). Ayurvedic herbs like shatavari and brahmi oil cool the system and balance the hormones. Applying brahmi oil to the scalp, especially in summer, brings more cooling energy into the body. Following these Ayurvedic guidelines will actually reduce the fire element in the body so that the hot flashes decrease naturally.

Acupuncture is very effective at nourishing Yin through targeted points that are described as Yin tonifiers in the ancient Chinese medical texts. The root of Yin and Yang in the body is the kidneys, and the kidneys can be directly addressed with specific points. There are even acupuncture points to reduce sweating and hot flashes.

Chinese herbal medicine offers many herbs and formulas that are very effective at nourishing Yin, reducing heat and sweating, tonifying the kidneys and calming the spirit. It is important to have a licensed acupuncturist make a correct diagnosis for you to confirm which pattern is the root cause of your symptoms, and which herbs are best for your type.

Health is in your hands, as you learn how to use the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine to naturally balance your body through all the phases of your life.

Dr. Sharada Hall
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

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