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The Lightness of Being

Not long ago, I came across a story about an 85-year old man in India who had not taken food or water for 70 years. He tells of meeting a holy man who put him into a state of bliss when he was only 15 years old. From then on, he claims he required nothing but his breath to stay alive.

So many thoughts rush in: no more food, no shopping, no cooking, no big cleanups, no more devoting time to preparing food. No more refrigerator, no more kitchen for that matter. Life would be so different on so many levels. I wonder what his life is like living on this earth without attachment to food? What an elevated man this yogi must be, what a way to live life, dwelling in that state of bliss continually. The yogis have a concept for it: Jiwan Mukhti , or being alive while unattached to this world.

Recently a team of medical technicians put him under isolation and observation for two weeks with no food or drink. Incredibly, the physicians found that all his organ functions were normal and he maintained a steady weight. The yogi apparently lives on prana (vital life force) from the air he breathes. If someone can truly live without food, what does that mean for medicine? For humankind? For people trapped in inhospitable places where they need to survive after having run out of food?

I have fasted at various times, mostly for no longer than a week on just water and juices. I once fasted for four weeks in my early ashram days. I had many delightful experiences, especially after I got past the first few days when food was still on my mind. I had more time - no more breakfasts, lunches or dinners. The experience of practicing yoga and meditation increased in intensity to never imagined highs.

The only sadness I felt was the knowledge that I had to eventually break my fast and resume eating. Knowing that this yogi stayed in that divine space because of the touch of a holy man makes me want to entertain another fast so I can experience that lightness of being in this world but not of it.

Siri Pritam Khalsa, M.A.
Owner Sierra Injury & Sports Rehab Inc., Yuba City

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Anonymous commented on 10-Aug-2011 09:50 AM3 out of 5 stars

There are a lot of people around the globe that are doing it and it doesn't have to be a saint!!! It is gradual. There one for example: Gericko Sunfire! Check him out! Just google: Bretherianism. Blessings! All is possible when One wishes.

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