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Heart Breath

Let Your Life Soar

Want to lighten up, heal your heart, enjoy the people around you and have things work out well—even magically? Just try this amazing experiment. Start with long, deep breathing through your nose, taking a longer time than usual to breathe fully into your abdomen and then exhaling while pulling your belly in, without ever holding your breath. 

Now, just on the exhale, feel as though the air that you are exhaling is actually coming out of your heart center. Yes, that’s right! How does that feel? In just a few breaths do you feel movement in your heart? Do you feel your world opening, getting brighter? After a bit, are you feeling calmer and more peaceful? Cool, huh?

Next, if you find that someone is bugging you, or even yelling at you, or if you are in a group that is always bickering and not getting along, or your children are noisily unhappy, just do this fascinating Heart Breath. Consciously direct the opening, expansive space you’re feeling towards them. Don’t give up. Keep up! As you do, track the miracles of change happening before your very eyes. They happen subtly, but very naturally. It just might amaze you. 

That’s because you are actually moving incredibly powerful healing energy with your breath. By no means get uptight or try hard. That would block this beautiful healing breath. Instead, relax and calmly breathe out of your heart. This is your own essential healing breath. Use it all the time and watch your life become magic!

Siri-Gian Khalsa
Intuitive, Healer and Teacher of Soul Connection
Soul Answer
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