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Intro to Laughter Yoga

My little niece says it best: “Laughter makes you happy.” It’s that simple. But on a deeper level, it is true that when you exude joyfulness, you serve those around you by uplifting. The purpose of Laughter Yoga is to invoke this joyful service, creating almost constant spiritual renaissance.

What gets in the way? The primary obstacle to the experience of your natural exuberance is stress. An emotional reaction to a perceived inability to know, in the moment, how to accept your circumstances or adapt yourself to them, stress alters your attitude toward yourself and others. Over time, physical ailments such as high blood pressure, depression and diabetes can develop. The key is stopping stress before it starts, and one of the best medicines available is deep, heartfelt laughter. It teaches you that life’s blockages are due to perception and shows you how to move gracefully through them.

Your body needs to breathe, even more than it needs to eat or drink. When you laugh, you nearly fully oxygenate your body (up to 80%). Laughter is one of the greatest breath exercises available. Twenty minutes of laughter is equal to an hour of aerobic exercise! Deep breathing makes you feel energetic, clear and calm.

Laughter also makes you smarter. It brings more oxygen to the brain for higher performance and increases emotional intelligence. Once you’ve laughed, you can’t hold onto grudges. You are empathetic and proactive in creating harmony around you, no matter what the challenge. Whether communicating with a parent, sibling, friend, or coworker, there can be no power struggle after a bellyful of laughs.

Finally, laughter connects us with our deeper self. Beneath the stress and obligations is a child within. When you choose not only to acknowledge that child, but also to give it free rein in expressing itself, the inherent joy of living unlocks the heart, giving you the consciousness to guide you through life.

Ways to put more laughter into your life:

1.    Laugh upon awakening
2.    Laugh when you look at yourself in the mirror
3.    Laugh a bit in the shower
4.    Choose a time to laugh with friends, family, and or coworkers
5.    Laugh and walk
6.    Laugh at your mistakes by pointing at yourself
7.    Laugh in traffic
8.    Join (or start!) a laughter club

Simeon Darwick / Satmukh
Health Counselor
Joyfulness for Fitness
Laughter Yoga
Laugh for No Reason by Dr. Madan Kataria


Hari Dyal Kaur commented on 28-Sep-2009 03:54 AM5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful! This confirms with such clarity all that I experienced and learned recently at a yoga workshop in London themed 'laugh because this is your purpose in life.....' Reading this article for 40, 90, 120 or 1000 days would bring so much healing. By the Grace of God this web site has been formed and such wisdom is being shared. Thank you from the entirety of my heart. Our beautiful Planet will be healed! SAT NAM

Anonymous commented on 17-Nov-2010 04:38 AM4 out of 5 stars

Only the lucky ones are destined to laugh from the inside out. Unlucky ones like me got to struggle just to survive.

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