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Fire In Your Belly

Detox with Radish and Breathing

Feeling down? You may be suffering from toxins in your blood. Eating a diet full of meat, sugar and processed foods pollutes your blood, as do pharmaceuticals, alcohol and environmental toxins. When your blood is toxic, it contributes to fatigue, depression, allergies and decreased immune function. When you want some fun in the sun, any of these conditions are unacceptable. Two simple fixes can clear out your blood and fire you up—eating radishes and doing Breath of Fire!

Breath of Fire--a powerful breathing technique--rapidly detoxifies your blood, releasing toxins from the lungs, mucus linings, blood vessels and other cells, bringing about a boost in the immune system and increasing oxygen delivery to the brain. Sit quietly with your eyes 9/10th closed and roll your gaze up to the point between your eyebrows. First, to understand Breath of Fire, open your mouth and pant like a dog. That’s what it sounds and feels like! Now, close your mouth and breathe deeply and rapidly through your nose—this is called “Breath of Fire.” Power the breath from the navel point, not the upper chest. Continue breathing through the nose, while pumping the navel, for up to three minutes.

Now…bring on the radishes. You may want to continue your blood cleansing regimen by eating some peppery radishes! Radishes stimulate the liver to expel toxins and improve elimination; they also do wonders for your kidneys, helping them to flush more efficiently. Radishes provide more oxygen to red blood cells, making you cleaner and stronger from the inside out.

The next time you feel drained and lifeless, try Breath of Fire, throw some radishes into your diet, and you’ll be back to sun worshipping and Sun Salutations in no time!

Ramdesh Kaur
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Writer
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Jeri commented on 08-Dec-2010 10:49 AM3 out of 5 stars

I have a hard time doing this for a length of time any tips?

Ramdesh commented on 09-Dec-2010 03:59 PM3 out of 5 stars

Sat Nam Jeri! Here's one suggestion....often when people have difficulties with Breath of Fire, its because they are trying to do it with their lungs. That's more like hyperventilating and is really exhausting! Make sure you drop your breath down into your navel and really pump from the root and center of your body....try that and let me know if it helps! Blessings, Ramdesh

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