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Alive in Wander Land

Discovering Nature's Messages

Wandering is often associated with being lost or confused, when in reality it can be a time of great learning. In Jewish history, the Jews wandered for 40 years until they were ready to enter the Promised Land. Sometimes it takes wandering to come to a sense of stillness, clarity and direction in life. Spending time in nature allows your intuition to mirror itself through the medium of the natural environment, showing your nature and guiding you back to your source of nourishment.

The wandering practice is easy: Go into a natural environment, such as a park with trees, grasses flowers. Allow your mind to be absolutely curious. When you sense a calling to inspect a leaf, grass, tree or other object of nature, stop and become enraptured in its message. It's not necessary to understand why you are called to this object, just be in the moment and enjoy the process. Be open to what you are being taught. Continue to wander until you are called once again towards another object. Allow the song of the birds, the play of squirrels, the dance of leaves, and the cold rains to remind you of your intrinsic relationship to everything and everyone around you.

Developing this deep listening and response in a natural setting can prepare you to respond to your everyday interactions, by encouraging you to speak to an unknown person at the market or to take a quiet moment to receive the blessings from the setting sun. When you allow yourself to be guided, rather than planning every moment of the day, your natural spontaneity will infuse itself into making your life rich and ceremonial. A passing flock of birds or children's laughter will be tools for your awakening.

Nature is not alien to us. Wandering allows you to remember your true nature in the presence of the natural environment that freely supports your feet, hears your songs and nourishes your heart— from your first inhalation to your last breath.

Simeon Darwick / Satmukh
Health Counselor
Joyfulness for Fitness
Laughter Yoga
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Kewal Kaur commented on 08-Oct-2010 01:13 PM5 out of 5 stars

Beautifully-written and inspiring. Thank you.

Anne commented on 12-Oct-2010 08:15 AM5 out of 5 stars

Taking my walk today!

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