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  • 02-Sep-2012

    Gluten: The Road Blocker

    Nutrition for Life - Part II

    In solving the riddle of inflammation, one of the keys is the gluten connection. Gluten is a group of proteins commonly found in grains such as wheat and barley.

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  • 19-Aug-2012

    Menopause Matters

    Help for Hot Flashes

    Suffering from hot flashes? The combination of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine offers many natural benefits for women going through menopause by promoting a state of balance for...

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  • 05-Aug-2012

    Exercise Your Mind

    Maintain Mental Prowess

    One of the myths of aging is the inevitability of losing your mental prowess. The good news is that there are there are a variety of things you can do to create a long-term positive effect on...

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  • 08-Jul-2012

    411 on Inflammation

    Nutrition for Life - Part I

    Each person has a unique set of muscle cells, sleep patterns and hobbies. Some of us are runners, yogis, surfers, skiers, writers or travelers. Why would we all eat the same food?

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  • 24-Jun-2012

    Hit the High Road

    Ayurvedic Travel Tips

    Air travel may be one of modern society’s greatest inventions, but like many new-age technologies, high-speed travel can cause subtle health imbalances. Travel, by definition...

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  • 17-Jun-2012

    Summer Splendor

    Very Berry Dessert

    Berries are the quintessential summer food. Their bright colors and lovely sweet flavors make them seem like Mother Nature’s candy. Unlike candy, though, berries are good for you. They are low...

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  • 03-Jun-2012

    About Face

    The Story of Skin

    Rough skin, blotches, spots, age-inappropriate sagging and wrinkles are indicators of lifestyle issues. The opposite is also true. When you have radiant health, your complexion is clear...

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  • 06-May-2012

    Spring in Your Step

    Nature's Veggie Bounty

    Spring has sprung and after a long, cold winter your metabolism might be in need of a little boost. Most folks spend the winter hunkered down eating heavier, fattier foods.

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  • 22-Apr-2012

    The Way of Plants

    Herbal Wisdom - Part I

    In times of confusion, when you feel you are lacking guidance or when you think “I must have it NOW,” how do you practice having patience? One way that is known to be effective for...

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  • 15-Apr-2012

    All Hail Asparagus

    A Healthy, Seasonal Treat

    Asparagus is thought to have originated in the Eastern Mediterranean region, but now grows—both wild and cultivated—all over the world. Enjoyed by humans for thousands of years...

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  • 11-Mar-2012

    Postpartum Palate

    Nutrition for New Moms

    Following one of the most amazing, exhausting, and transformational life events a woman can experience, a new mother is in special need of highly nutritious, healing foods.

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  • 04-Mar-2012

    Young at Heart

    3 Tips to Defy Age

    To a large degree, you can control how quickly—or slowly—your body ages. Whether you are 17 or 71, you choose what happens to your body by how you think, live and react to stress.

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  • 05-Feb-2012

    Tangerine Dream

    Bake a Mandarin Cake

    Tangerines, mandarins and other citrus are such a treat in the colder months. Not only do these little bits of sunshine make your taste buds smile, but the Vitamin C they contain can help...

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  • 08-Jan-2012

    Green Plate Special

    Save the Earth in a Bite

    Many people are going “green” to save resources and sustain the planet. Shifting to a plant-based diet supports your personal health as well as the health of our Mother Earth. As yogis...

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  • 04-Dec-2011

    Finding Comfort

    Cooking with Intention

    What makes food comforting? Nurturing yourself after a long day with a well-prepared meal brings comfort to yourself and joy to those partaking in it.

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  • 20-Nov-2011

    Little Party Animals

    Yoga-Themed Birthdays

    Want to do something unique for your child’s next birthday party? How about a yoga party? A yoga-themed party gives your child (and the birthday guests) opportunity fun way to get exercise...

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  • 30-Oct-2011


    Sacred Aztec Superfood

    The key to good nutrition, given the stresses of today's modern lifestyle, is to to take advantage of “superfoods.” Superfood is a term used to describe foods that are extremely nutrient-dense.

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  • 16-Oct-2011

    Soup it Up

    Fall's Versatile Meal

    As the air turns crisp and the trees don shades of gold and orange, warm comforting meals are made for the season. Just as berries refresh on a hot summer day...

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  • 02-Oct-2011

    Go for the Greens

    Leafy Vegetable Nutrition

    Green means go—and not just at the traffic light. The energy of the color signifies a positive action, as well as freshness, growth and abundance. Think about the earth, Mother Nature, green trees...

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  • 04-Sep-2011

    Balancing Sexual Energy

    Yogic Food for Men

    Can yoga channel the strongest biochemical energy in our bodies? Yes, yoga can actually serve men (and women) to redirect sexual energy into creativity, thus strengthening and balancing...

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  • 14-Aug-2011

    Food for Thought

    Inspire Healthy Habits

    Inspiring those you love to eat healthy foods can be challenging. Children can be resistant to trying new things, particularly veggies or multi-ingredient recipes.

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  • 17-Jul-2011

    Picnic with Tempeh

    Meatless Barbeque Burger

    Practicing yoga is sure to make you more aware of what you think, do, say and eat. For many (including myself), teaching yogic lifestyle and meditation includes sharing the benefits of a healthful...

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  • 03-Jul-2011

    Fad-Free Detox

    Cleanse for Life

    The key to successful cleansing is to understand why you eat, what you eat and when you eat. This knowledge helps you build a new awareness around food.

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  • 12-Jun-2011

    Simply Vegetarian

    Nourishing Food for Life

    Shifting to, or maintaining, a vegetarian diet to create a healthier body and a more peaceful mind can be a very simple process. Just as you brush your teeth and shower to keep your outside body clean,

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  • 15-May-2011

    Take-Along Treats

    Crunchy Granola Bars

    As the afternoons begin to warm up, it’s hard to resist the urge to get out and soak up the springtime sun. While the weather entices you outdoors, you may also find yourself eating away from home more...

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  • 08-May-2011

    Hit the Road Yogis

    Traveling with Kids

    Fun…adventure…and sometimes a little bit of crazy. When you travel with kids, chances are you’ll experience it all at some point. Whether you are embarking on a short trek or an international...

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  • 17-Apr-2011

    Five Steps to Health

    Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

    Spring cleansing can do wonders for your body and spirit, helping to rid the body of accumulated toxins (ama) produced by improper digestion. According to Ayurveda, the buildup of ama is the root...

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  • 03-Apr-2011

    Where's the Protein

    Bountiful Vegan Diet

    Veganism is a word that often scares people and why wouldn't it? Most people think a vegan diet is bland, lacking flavor, variety and, most importantly, protein!

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  • 13-Mar-2011

    Easy Being Green

    Reuse, Recycle, Redistribute

    Why go green? A great way to think about this “hot” topic is to look at the basic needs of human beings: shelter, fire, water and food. For example, the concept of reuse and recycle plays out ...

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  • 13-Feb-2011

    Kid-Proof Meals

    Healthy and Fun Foods

    Feeding children healthy meals can be overwhelming at times. After all, what you place in front of them now is what will help their bodies and brains grow and develop into healthy adults.

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