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  • 25-Mar-2012

    Fear is Your Friend

    Senses of the Soul - II

    Everyone wants to be comfortable, safe and happy. Yet many people spend time struggling with worry, anxiety and uncertainty. These emotions are all forms of fear, which create stress.

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  • 18-Mar-2012

    From Chaos to Calm

    Meditation for Beginners

    Feeling scattered mentally creates an inner world of chaos and prevents peace. I often hear from my yoga students and friends that they need to get focused and clear.

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  • 26-Feb-2012

    Shifting to Love

    Sacred Journey of the Heart

    The Aquarian shift that began in 2011 is carrying us from a mind-centered society to a heart-felt world. If we all were simply in a state of being love, everyone would have all the love they need.

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  • 19-Feb-2012

    Trans-Form with Awareness

    Yoga Revelation I

    The strength and flexibility that physically emerges from a yoga practice transcends the body to encompass the mind and spirit. A great way to develop this self-awareness is...

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  • 15-Jan-2012

    Raise Your Voice

    Yoga for the Chorus

    Thursday, 9 a.m. – It’s time for Chorus in the high school. Please come into the Music Room and take a seat with the other students. To warm up your voice, we’ll begin with deep breathing...

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  • 18-Dec-2011

    Nerves of Steel IV

    The Body Electric

    We started this series on Nerves of Steel working on the power of the breath to become super-hero yogis. What’s a super-hero without a shield? Just like Captain America’s shield, your...

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  • 11-Dec-2011

    Yoga Expands Everything

    Learn More Than Moves

    The practice of yoga changes your life. Being a teacher of yoga, I've been graciously blessed to witness the powerful shifts that emerge over time...

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  • 09-Oct-2011

    A Minute to Win It

    Meditation for Beginners

    Meditation is a time-tested tool for stress reduction, calming the mind, gaining clarity and increasing intuition and concentration. Growing up, I saw my father meditate daily and heard his advice...

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  • 25-Sep-2011

    Tip of Your Tongue

    Mantra as Medicine

    Humanity today enjoys great technological ability that could be used to solve world problems. However, many people are full of fear during these times.

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  • 24-Jul-2011

    Get Past the Past

    A Forgiveness Meditation

    Life presents opportunities to forgive others, as well as yourself, for mistakes made in the past. Everyone has been hurt by others. Maybe a teacher criticized you at a sensitive time in your life.

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  • 26-Jun-2011

    Your Knowing Breath

    Developing Your Intuition

    My first yoga instructor taught me that you can’t hold fear in your body and breathe long and deep at the same time. When someone asks me how to develop their intuition, I tell them to breathe.

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  • 19-Jun-2011

    A Captive Audience

    Teaching Yoga to Incarcerated Teens

    My journey teaching incarcerated teens began with an experience at a Yoga Journal conference. I was attending a guided meditation workshop when a voice in my head said: “You must teach yoga...

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  • 29-May-2011

    My Aching Back

    Breathe into Pain

    Like most people who work at a computer all day, I have very tight neck and shoulder muscles and frequently experience pain in my lower back. To help relieve my back pain I practice yoga.

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  • 24-Apr-2011

    Nerves of Steel II

    Super-Sonic Sat Kriya

    Now that you’ve mastered the breathing practices shared in our previous Yogamint video about pranayama and you can blow gale force winds like Superman with that breath-power of yours...

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  • 20-Mar-2011

    Strike a Peaceful Pose

    Relax with Savasana

    One of my favorite yoga postures is savasana, or corpse pose. This exercise requires you to lie still, breathe, and go into a meditative state. It’s basically a mini-nap, and how cool...

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  • 09-Jan-2011

    Nerves of Steel

    Super-Hero Yoga

    What would it take to be a super-hero – in other words unflappable and unstoppable? Wouldn’t it be great to be unbeatable and undefeatable, never losing control in real life?

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  • 26-Dec-2010

    Ten Steps to Vitality

    Ayurvedic Daily Routine

    One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is establish a daily routine that aligns with your particular constitution and with the forces of nature. According to Ayurveda...

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  • 05-Sep-2010

    Living On Air

    The Lightness of Being

    Not long ago, I came across a story about an 85-year old man in India who had not taken food or water for 70 years. He tells of meeting a holy man who put him into a state of bliss...

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  • 25-Jul-2010

    Fire In Your Belly

    Detox with Radish and Breathing

    Feeling down? You may be suffering from toxins in your blood. Eating a diet full of meat, sugar and processed foods pollutes your blood...

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  • 04-Jul-2010

    Tongue-Wagging Yoga

    Yogis, Meet Your Central Vagus Nerve

    Do you know what the central vagus nerve (CVN) is or where it’s located in your body? If the answer is no, you are in the majority.

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  • 16-May-2010

    Breathe the Sunshine

    Balance Prana and Apana

    As we slip into summer—with its longer and lighter days—you will need more stamina to keep up all day long. There are ways to increase your energy to keep up. . .

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  • 09-May-2010

    Between Work and Play

    Find Balance in Asana

    You know that there is a delicate balance between challenging yourself and taking it easy. Spending too many hours working at the office can cause stress and fatigue...

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  • 21-Mar-2010

    Breathing 101

    The Flow of Life

    Breathing is the first thing we do when we come into life and the last thing we do upon leaving it. In between...

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  • 22-Nov-2009

    Heart Breath

    Let Your Life Soar

    Want to lighten up, heal your heart, enjoy the people around you and have things work out well—even magically? Just try this amazing experiment.

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  • 11-Oct-2009

    A Healing Adventure Part 1

    Your Long, Deep Breath

    Such a simple thing! Our breath may seem too mundane, too “normal” to assign any real importance to it. After all, it’s just there. But thank God it is.

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  • 27-Sep-2009

    Get the Giggles

    Intro to Laughter Yoga

    My little niece says it best: “Laughter makes you happy.” It’s that simple. But on a deeper level, it is true that when you exude joyfulness, you serve those around you by uplifting.

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