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We at Yogamint have been immersed in a healthy, yogic lifestyle, teaching and serving others, for a collective 83 years. We think what we (and our network of contributors) have to share provides good stuff that will support and energize all aspects of your being. If what we're serving up works (and we're confident it will) you'll move through life's ups and downs with greater clarity, ease and joy.


We all have to comb our hair, brush our teeth, fix breakfast and get out the door every morning. Unless you live in a cave in the Himalayas you'll be interacting with family, friends and a host of others every single day for up to 100 years. Why not have a little help navigating these waters? We're sure that by implementing the short morsels of information provided in our "mints" you will eat, move, think and elevate yourself to a more enriching life. What we offer is not theoretical. It's experiential. We've done it.


The folks at Yogamint all practice Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will find that a good portion of what we share on the web site and in the newsletter is derived from this tradition. Because yoga isn't a brand name, nor does any one group or lineage have a patent on it, and because we ourselves enjoy the fruits of many paths of wisdom, we'll also be sharing information and inspiration from other yogic, cosmic and wellness traditions that are in harmony with our message. As for our physical location: We're based in Los Angeles with links to New Mexico, Oregon, the U.K. and points beyond.


The Yogamint Crew is grateful to have this opportunity to serve you through these pages. Our projection and prayer for you is to always live a life of incredible vitality and peaceful commitment to uplifting yourself, your community and the planet. We'd love to hear from you any time with your comments, opinions and especially what you'd like to see on the pages of Yogamint.


Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa found her way to Kundalini Yoga and her path at age 21 and never looked back. She loves horses, dogs, cats, writing poetry, meditation, pine trees, her immediate, spiritual and global families and always those "light bulb" moments that makes being human an adventure, an ever evolving journey. She's a Business Administrator, Life Coach, Poet and is now Mint Momma and C.E.O. (Chief Enlightenment Officer) of Yogamint. She is grateful every day for all blessings, in whatever size or shape, that flutter, barrel and glide into her life.

Dr. Hari Bhajan Singh KhalsaDr. Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa grew up on a farm in Oregon tending cows, pigs and chickens. After finding Kundalini Yoga in the seventies he and his wife with their infant son packed up and headed south for Los Angeles where they planned to stay "for a few months." It is now 33 years later. Khalsa Health Care, which Dr. Khalsa founded in 1987, to this day provides an environment of healing and an oasis of calm for the hundreds who weekly pass through its doors. He is the Yogamint Master Minter, imprinting each "mint" he pens with his wisdom, compassion and abundant knowledge of how we heal.

Alexandra AitkenAlexandra Aitken/Harvinder Kaur is passionate about teaching Kundalini Yoga. Her purpose is to share all the happiness, healing and peace she can. Ally also inspires and enlightens as a professional psychic and business consultant and recently founded Stepping Into Goddess for women. She has written articles on health for The Times, The Telegraph, GQ, Tatler Magazine and many others. Ally's the Yogamint Marketing Maven who, with her exuberant personality and her passion for yoga, never saw a lemon that she couldn't make into lemonade.

Dev Atma SinghDev Atma Singh/John Anderson Hall grew up surrounded by elders and has been seeking wisdom ever since. Along the way he worked in construction, apprenticed to a sculptor, was certified to teach Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga, received an M.A. in Classical Philosophy and has written extensively on the arts for various publications. An artist himself, he reads lots of French Literature, draws, paints, and writes fiction. He thinks of yoga as the science of making life artful. He currently serves as a Master "Mint-maker" and formerly as the Yogamint's Content Editor, as well as Manager for the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings Preservation Project.

Sarb Nam Kaur Khalsa serves as Yogamint's Web Content Editor and Mint Alchemist, indulging her passion for writing, yoga, holistic living and meeting interesting people (including our wonderful readers and contributing experts!). She began studying Kundalini Yoga in the early 1980's and feels blessed to have studied for over 25 years with yoga master Yogi Bhajan. She lives in a spiritual community of Sikhs and Kundalini yogis in beautiful Espanola, New Mexico and looks forward to continuing to practice a yogic lifestyle, teaching and living a bountiful, blissful life as we enter the Aquarian Age! 

Karta Purkh Kaur Khalsa has practiced yoga her entire life and feels blessed to have been raised in a yogic household in Knoxville, TN. She is a southern American Turkish Jew with a Punjabi name, a Sikh culture, an Italian Catholic grandmother, a yogic lifestyle, and a deep love for people, movement, photography, and conversation. Along with being the Yogamint Public Relations Manager, she also teaches dance and yoga to children and adults. She has recently relocated to Los Angeles to give and receive from the city's extraordinary yogic community, and have the rare, but essential, opportunity to practice the art of being. 


We joyfully tithe 1% of Yogamint's proceeds to non-profits serving
yogic, environmental, artistic and humanitarian causes.