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Welcome to the Yogamint Archive

Timeless wisdom served up in easily digestible portions, designed to freshen your day and enrich your life.

Sat Nam!

Welcome to the Yogamint Archive. There is a treasure trove of healthy yogic lifestyle mints to choose from that are still as fresh as the day they were posted. Browse around, search for a specific topic or navigate back to the main site for newer material.


  • 25-Sep-2011

    Fruit of the Gods

    Golden Figs for Potency

    Fig-ure this: the fruit of the gods—fresh figs— offer up some divine benefits for both men and women.

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  • 04-Sep-2011

    Serpent Wisdom

    Get Into Cobra Pose

    Yogis wisely watched the creatures of the earth to learn about proper alignment of body and spirit. As a healthy spine...

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  • 05-Sep-2010

    Light of My Soul

    Affirm Your Energetic Best

    What is the soul? It’s pretty mysterious. For awhile, back in Enlightenment-era Europe, it was thought to be a little node . . .

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in depth

  • 26-Sep-2010

    From the Outside In

    Ayurvedic Skin Care

    Besides being your largest organ, your skin is your best protection against the ravaging effects of the elements. Therefore, you want to do everything you can, internally and externally...

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cosmic corner

  • 15-Sep-2011

    Stone of Protection

    Transform with Lapis

    As we enter the Age of Aquarius, many people are experiencing major changes on all levels—emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You may feel anxious, have trouble sleeping or experience fear...

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