Your Issues are in Your Tissues

Meditate to Clear Emotions with Tommy Rosen

If you're human you have baggage, or if you prefer, "issues." The beauty of these "negatives" in your life, is that they are excellent teachers and give you an opportunity to practice letting go, of going beyond self-prescribed limitations and to determine your own course in life. Tommy Rosen has been there, has walked the bumpy path of addiction and in this video he guides you through an easy-to-do, but powerful breathing meditation to release stress and clear emotions of the past.

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Tommy Rosen is a Certified Vinyasa Flow & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. You can learn more about him at his website

Filmed by Alice Fulks, A*Light Camera
Edited by Derek D.

Music: "Ardas" by Singh Kaur & Kim Robertson - Crimson Collection Instrumental Mix Vol. 1 from Spirit Voyage.

All Kundalini videos produced by Yogamint in partnership with Golden Bridge Yoga.

Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions of the Past Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions of the Past (109 KB)

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Lotus commented on 19-Aug-2011 06:46 AM5 out of 5 stars

Loved it!! Sat Nam!

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