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Veggie Curry Soup & Life Nerve Stretch

Here's a great quote: "If you're flexible in life, you won't ever get bent out of shape." So true, both on the physical and emotional levels. We do grow older, we do have accidents and we do have our inherent DNA that influences the pliability of our bodies and likewise, we have situations in life that incline us to be more, or less, open-minded and fluid in our thinking. But, we can make the best of what we've been given. In this episode Melissa cooks up a pot of Veggie Curry Soup that includes turmeric, a spice that is known to be effective in increasing flexibility in the joints. Stretch out your Life Nerve with Camilla to increase the flexibility of your spine and hips, and it's said to literally, lengthen your life.

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Healthy Food Chef: Melissa Costello of Karma Chow, Author of The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: 125+ Delectable Plant-Based Vegan Recipes for a Fit, Happy, Healthy You

Yoga Instructor: Camilla Granasen of Camilla Yoga & Meditation

Food & Flow videos produced by Yogamint, LLC
Filmed by Alice Fulks, A*Light Camera
The song "Beautiful Am I" courtesy of Aykanna from their CD Livelight ~ Yoga & Meditation Music

Life Nerve Stretch Life Nerve Stretch (251 KB)

Veggie Curry Soup Veggie Curry Soup (256 KB)

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jane commented on 03-Apr-2012 06:12 AM4 out of 5 stars

I loved the recipe and the stretch. I would have liked to also see her do the stretch in a limited way- for those who can't reach their toes.

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