Jupiter Finger Chakra Meditation

Let Go of Childhood Trauma

This meditation was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan as a “children’s meditation,” but can also be practiced by adolescents and adults. Anyone with past trauma will benefit from this practice. Even someone without past trauma can improve the balance of their personality by its use. This meditation helps to balance the chakras and meridians in the body. It is an excellent meditation to practice with your children. It will evoke many feelings that have stuck with you since you were a child. It will help adults get rid of the “childhood syndrome,” a condition where you cling to something that is already finished – a syndrome which can easily ruin or limit your life.


Catalyst Yogi commented on 24-Nov-2010 12:24 PM5 out of 5 stars

Sat Nam, Thank-you for this meditation - I have not seen it published anywhere. I taught it at a Weekend Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Immersion - followed by a letting go childhood anger meditation -- very powerful. peace to ALL

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