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The Wisdom of Insecurity

January 27, 2016

The Wisdom of Insecurity
It’s late and tomorrow is just about here, yet I am awake, tossing and turning, finding it difficult to stop my mind from reeling out all the must-do’s awaiting me in the morning. You know the feeling—caught in a monkey-mind cycle projecting into the future or worrying about the past that sends you spiraling into overwhelm, bordering on despair. Knowing there’s no way I’m going to sleep now, I get out of bed and sit down with a book I’ve been reading by the Zen Buddhist philosopher, Alan Watts titled THE WISDOM OF INSECURITY. I open to a page where he is writing about how the only way through a state of mind is to “be” with it, to stay with it and understand it, then let it go, just as you let a leaf float down a slow-moving stream. It’s just the mind doing its thing, not the You within You – the being who just “is.”

It’s funny, now that I’ve finished the book, puttzed around the house and let his words sink in, letting my anxiety release—well, I’m not feeling the least bit blue, just a kind of sweet sadness. It’s the kind of sadness where you know you are human, that you care, that sometimes, really quite often, you fail, but you are beautiful, because you want to love, want to give, want to express the full bounty of your soul. Thank you Mr. Watts, for your wisdom, your words that brought me peace. I’m feeling sleepy now, take a few deep breaths, crawl under the covers and close my eyes. I watch the leaf of my thoughts float down the stream, knowing that all is well in the universe, all is well in the now.

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