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The Hero's Journey

January 06, 2016

The Hero's Journey
I’m a big fan of The Ted Radio Hour on NPR. It’s a great podcast to listen to when you’re walking the treadmill, driving a long distance, or just want to sit and tune into what’s going on that’s positive and uplifting in the world. The show is an hour long with 4-5 short pieces, featuring speakers from all over the globe being interviewed by the narrator, Guy Raz. It also includes snippets from the speaker’s Ted Talks, which you can download in their entirety, if you want to go more in depth. Each week there’s a theme: The Source of Creativity, How It All Began, What is Beauty?, etc. I have to say I’m never disappointed with these recordings. I learn so much and am inspired by the work of the speakers, who are devoted to sharing their passion with the world.

Star Wars has been everywhere the last few weeks, blanketing the media galaxy, so it’s no surprise that The Hero’s Journey was a recent topic of The Ted Radio Hour. George Lukas’ first Star Wars script was greatly influenced by his studies with Joseph Campbell, a mythologist, writer, and lecturer who inspired millions with his books and interviews about the commonality of stories that have been told in every culture throughout milenia. I read THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES over twenty years ago and loved every word. It gave me hope and confirmed what I already knew, that we are all connected, that we all travel the same path. If you haven’t read any of Joseph Campbell’s work or seen the interview series he did with Bill Moyers, the POWER OF MYTH, I highly recommend you do so. The CD set is pricey, but you can probably find a copy in your local library. It’s better than any Star Wars movie out there – at least in my humble, earthling opinion.

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