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Positive Energy

September 20, 2016

positive energy


POSITIVE ENERGY by Dr. Judith Orloff is packed full (352 pages worth) of positive solutions to help remedy the fatigue and sometimes, helplessness you can experience navigating the inner and outer workings of being human. I love that the first “prescription” is to “Awaken Intuition and Rejuvenate Yourself.” Of course, you have to be able to listen and respond to the wisdom, those subtle, and often, not-too subtle, messages that drift into your consciousness that are there to guide you to a more calm and directed life. Dr. Orloff is a specialist in “Energy Psychiatry” and even though this book was written some ten years ago, she clearly is on the cutting edge of awareness about how avoiding “negative” energies and embracing positive ones can promote wellness and a peaceful, purposeful life.

I haven’t read the entire book, but I’m going to pick a chapter here and there that calls to me, such as the Sixth Prescription, “Open Yourself to the Flow of Inspiration and Creativity.” I’m always on the lookout for ways to continue to be a channel for however creative energy wants to be expressed through me. One of the aspects of this book I like the best is that after every “prescription” there is an interview with a well-known person, like Naomi Judd, Jamie Lee Curtis or Eve Ensler. Here’s a quote from Quincy Jones on intuition: “What you feel, not what you think: that’s what it’s all about. I live by goose bumps. I get them every time something really touches me—music, movies, poetry, an emotion.” This book is a great resource to remind you that the world is so much bigger than the “every day” and to pull back and go within, to nurture and honor yourself, and that to be the most radiant being you can be is what it’s really all about.


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