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Morning Mantras

February 24, 2016

Morning Mantras
In the early morning hours, preferably before the sun rises, is the ideal time for meditation. It is a time when the world around you is quiet and the connection between your consciousness and the Universal consciousness can be more easily accessed. It’s like when you make a call and all the bars on your phone are at the maximum. The channel is open and the communication comes through loud and clear. It’s not that it’s the only time to meditate, it’s just that for the time spent, you’re likely to receive a whole lot more value. If you develop the habit to meditate in the early morning, you’re also less likely to “bump” it from your schedule to pick the kids up at school, go to the movies, or simply have the day run out and you just don’t have the oomph to sit and meditate.

I find that meditation is one of the most delicious items on the menu of life and once you’ve had a taste, once you’ve experienced the nutritional value of doing a sadhana, you’ll be back for another helping of this low-fat, high-energy spiritual food. One way to enhance the sadhana meal is to serve it with a healing and supportive condiment of chant music. The mantras can help keep you centered and awake and, if you’re meditating alone, gives you another voice in the room to connect with. Light of the Naam: Morning Chants by Snatam Kaur is currently my go-to CD for morning meditation. The melodies are sublime and the mantras (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) are written out and transcribed inside the CD cover, which adds another layer of understanding to your practice. There are so, so many meditation CD’s out there. Find one or two that resonate with you. Sit down. Push the Start button. Let it flow.

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