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From Vegetables with Love

May 09, 2016

from vegetables with love

Cooking was definitely not a talent that came naturally to me. At the age of 21 I moved into an ashram and was assigned my “karma yoga” of cooking a couple of meals every week for the community. Yikes! I knew how to put together an iceberg lettuce, tomato and radish salad and fry up a burger or some pork chops, but vegetarian cooking was a whole new world. Thank the heavens for my sweet husband who knew more than I did about preparing a hearty tofu scramble for breakfast and a lentil loaf and steamed veggies for dinner. I learned slowly, but surely, how to prepare the basics and over the years have evolved into a fundamentally “good” cook. But, if not for the wisdom and expertise of the few vegetarian cookbooks I was constantly referring to, it would have been a much longer, and more painful, journey. Siri Ved's cookbook was one of those that I used until it was covered with "drippings" and the pages separated from the binding. I still pull IT out on a regular basis when I need to look up just the right portions for Yogi Tea or Mung Beans and Rice.

The first edition of Siri Ved's cookbook, published in 1978 and titled CONSCIOUS COOKERY: New Age Vegetarian Cuisine, was a key guide for me in learning how to prepare foods that were more in keeping with a yogic (sattvic) diet. This is the third edition of this gem of a cookbook, which not only includes a major portion of the original recipes, but is greatly expanded (360 pages!) with additional recipes, tips and tools for your kitchen, as well as tons of “how to’s” like “How to Make Turmeric Paste.” And for extra seasoning Siri Ved has sprinkled a dozen “Tales from a Yogi’s Kitchen,” where she shares precious stories of moments when she was in the kitchen and in the presence of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. I love these snippets. They are wise, funny, and will definitely lift your spirit. This book is so much more than a cookbook. It is a testament to the dedication of Siri Ved to healthy yogic eating and to bringing these unique and healing recipes and stories onto your table and into your heart.

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Check out Siri Ved’s instructional video How to Make Paranthas and a reading of one of her favorite stories, The Yogi, the Saag, and the Telephone Lady.

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