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Darshan Sacred Jewelry

April 12, 2016

Darshan Sacred Jewelry

A few encouraging words from moi about the wonderfulness of  Darshan Sacred Jewelry...

About a month before the holiday season comes around in December, I start fretting (just a little bit) about what gifts to give to the beloved ladies who work at our healing center. Sometimes it’s a gift certificate to their favorite store. Sometimes it’s a grab bag of little, cutesy items that connect to their particular “loves,” like music, or cooking, or a college sports team. This past holiday I knew exactly what I wanted to give them—a piece of beautiful, charming, and individually designed jewelry from Darshan Sacred Jewelry. I’ve known Darshan for many, many years. She wrote several articles for the first iteration of Yogamint about the history and properties of various gemstones. I trust her intuition, knowledge, and sense of style implicitly when it comes to gemstones and their qualities.

A couple of weeks before our office holiday party Darshan came to my home with her bundle of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. It was like my own private nirvana, right in my living room—all of those exquisite gemstones, lovingly strung in a myriad of colors and combinations. I was particularly charmed (pun intended) by the option to add one, two, or many, little dangling emblems, creatures, or images (elephant, Buddha, cross, ankh, etc.) It was a bit magical how there was exactly the right piece for each of our three employees. I was thrilled. But, then my eyes kept straying to a sweet Rose Quartz necklace—tiny pink beads strung on gold wire with a large cut stone dangling on a ring at the bottom. You know how these things call to you. Well, before our time was over and all the gifts decided, there I was with my own beauty to wear and cherish. I can’t recommend these beautiful pieces of jewelry highly enough. They have a kindness about them and a way of creating a special glow around those who wear them. Darshan offers a ton of choices in gemstones and in styles and will even create a custom design, if you so desire. Great for gifts, as they’re quite affordable and you can mix and match different sizes and color combos to your heart’s delight—and your heart will definitely be delighted!

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