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Buddha Doodles

March 29, 2016

Buddha Doodles

As you know, a consistent practice of meditation and yoga, service to others, and an attitude of gratitude and kindness are powerful forces to buffer you from the winds of negativity and fear. What you feed your mind will be reflected in how you perceive the world you live in. The music you listen to, books you read, and environments you expose yourself to, play a vital part in nourishing the good in you, so you can do the same for others. That’s why it’s so important to keep feeding yourself loving, supportive food for the soul every chance you get. This little book is just that—a kindness to the eyes and to the heart.

I discovered BUDDHA DOODLES when I joined Instagram. I started following the artist/author, Molly Hahn, immediately and fell in love with her charming drawings, which reflect our human frailty, innocence, and sense of joy. The sayings she uses are most often her own or from the teachings of Buddha and other people of wisdom. She has a wonderful talent for bringing these sayings right into the heart by perfectly portraying them in her whimsical drawings. I’ve purchased both her book, BUDDHA DOODLES: Imagine the Possibilities and her BUDDHA DOODLE DECK OF CARDS and gave several away as gifts over the holidays. She also has a GRATITUDE JOURNAL, which looks like fun. I get so much joy and feel this gentle sense of tenderness from these little drawings. I’m pretty sure you will, too. Great items to share with your kids, for gifts, and, of course, your own sweet self.

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