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Be Here Now

July 12, 2016

be here now

What can I say about this book--it's a classic, a beginner's guide to the spiritual universe. I know it was what set me and my husband on the path of seeking more awareness, peace, and purpose in our lives. Back in the '70's there was a turning point where the drug culture, as a way of finding "peace and love" had not fulfilled the promise and was disintegrating rapidly. Richard Alpert was a pioneer in the Western culture in transforming himself from a hippie revolutionary into a seeker of truth as Baba Ram Dass. BE HERE NOW was (and still is) a bridge that leads the reader from skepticism and despair into a more hopeful, brighter world where one can be present, can experience life as joy, as a journey to transformation. The telling of Baba Ram Dass' story and "awakening" is personal and inspirational and the photos, graphics, and "cosmic" layout of the book are so of the time that it can take you back, whether you're 17 or 70. If you've read it before you might want to pull it off your bookshelf and browse through again. If you've never had the pleasure, pick one up at a used bookstore or order a fresh copy of this "cookbook for a sacred life." Peace!

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