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In a Ditch

September 19, 2016

in a ditch

Yep, there are those times when you’re cruising along and all of a sudden you’re derailed, the car goes off the road and there you are stuck, face down in a ditch you didn’t see coming. You’re alone – no one for as far as you can see, out of gas and your cell phone has one little bar left on it. After a few four-letter words, some head banging and most likely a tear-producing pity party, you sit up and look around. Now what? It may take awhile, but you remember that you’ve got a toolbox in the trunk and extricate yourself from your hunched over position to get up and pull it out. Inside is everything you need to get you out of that ditch and back on the road again.

My experience (and, it does happen on small and large scales frequently) is that when I’m down, when I can’t lift the veil of my own insecurities or confusion, and am, simply put, “stuck,” that if I put to use a few simple tools, designed especially for the job of manifesting clarity, confidence, and vitality, then I’m on my way to climbing out of my funk. The first thing is to look under the hood and see what’s malfunctioning and, inevitably, it starts with the body. Do I need to eat more protein and less carbs? Am I spending too much time on the couch and not enough in the gym, or on my yoga mat? Are my adrenals overtaxed? Is my liver clogged? Sometimes I know what to do and sometimes I have to consult an expert to help me sort out the exact support needed to get this body back to functioning optimally. Next, is the mind and being aware of what I’m feeding it: Is it getting enough rest, playtime, and heartfelt communication. Am I focusing on lack instead of abundance, despair instead of hope and joy? When the body and mind have gotten a tune-up then it naturally falls into place that the spirit starts to rise, wants to be nurtured, and it is almost (yes, almost) effortless for me to practice the yoga, meditation, and prayer that is essential for this vehicle I call “me” to motor along smoothly, eyes on the road, radio playing, heading off into my day with energy, confidence, and optimism that all is perfectly as it should be and I am in that infinite flow of Oneness holding us all.