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Here's to Fluidity!

April 25, 2016

heres to fluidity

I’m about as Taurus as a Taurus can get. I love to live in beautiful environments, can spend a whole day on the couch reading and watching old movies, am a steadfast friend and spouse, can be self-indulgent, outspoken, and poke people with my horns to get what I want. But, the thing that gets me in the most trouble is digging my hooves in and refusing to budge when it’s clear the Universe is insisting that I pick up my feet and get going. Case in point: My husband and I are in the middle of two big moves—downsizing our chiropractic office and our residence in Los Angeles, both within the span of two months. We planned for this transition for years. We’re ready to do it. We’ve already made the initial steps and it is in motion. Even though I know all of this is going to happen, and I want it to happen, inside I am resisting with every fiber of my Taurean being.

I don’t want to move—it’s costly, exhausting, disorienting, and on and on, the voice inside my head keeps insisting. It’s unfair and a royal pain in the you-know-what for the Universe to put me though this, no matter that it’s of my own volition. It’s clear that the bull in me needs to get her hooves out of the mud, leave the comfort of the pasture, and take a little river ride. Fluidity is not easy for an earth sign. We like to feel the solid ground beneath our feet, but we can swim and, when the times call for it, we can jump in and start paddling with the best of them. For me it’s about being willing to move with the current and not keep swimming upstream with all my might. In the past I’ve navigated similar waters and, though often I’ve come out a little waterlogged, I never sank, never drowned and always emerged the better for it. I may not be born to the water, but I can manage and I’ve got a secret weapon, a couple of very special floaties I call grit and grace that I slip on when needed to keep my head above water and my spirit buoyed on the journey downstream.