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  • 26-Sep-2012

    Fuel Your Mind

    Gotu Kola - The Memory Herb

    Elephants are noted for their good memory, perhaps because they frequently eat Gotu Kola leaves. Long revered by yogis in the Himalayas for its purported ability to enhance meditation, the Gotu Kola...

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  • 29-Aug-2012

    Quiet Time

    Embracing Solitude

    We are, by our very nature, social beings; but sometimes you just need to be alone. Henry David Thoreau said...

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  • 15-Aug-2012

    No Way Delay!

    Get Past Procrastination

    Ever put off doing something unpleasant—like writing a report for work, cleaning out the attic or writing thank...

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  • 01-Aug-2012

    Stay Tuned In

    Centering on Intention

    Every spiritual tradition offers a way to “tune in” to the spirit. From Zen Buddhist practice to the Christian...

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  • 18-Jul-2012

    Relatively Speaking

    Creating Family Harmony

    When a family unit is healthy, music happens. Just as the strings on a guitar must be tuned to each other...

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  • 20-Jun-2012

    Eyes of the Beholder

    Expanding Your Vision

    From birth, you are intimately drawn into the world around you through your eyes. Colors, light, movement...

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  • 06-Jun-2012

    Brain Building

    Fitness for the Mind

    The mind is a great tool. We use our brains to calculate, communicate and process thousands of ideas...

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  • 23-May-2012

    Gender Shifts

    Yin-Yang Revisited

    For millennia, yoga culture favored the warrior monks who practiced self-restraint and spirituality with intensity.

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  • 09-May-2012

    A Nose for Yoga

    Lotus Point Focus

    The lotus flower symbolizes the spiritual quest, its beauty gracing the surface of the water, while beneath...

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  • 25-Apr-2012

    Ready and Steady

    Preparing for Disasters

    Tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, snow storms and power outages…you’ve seen the news reports.

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