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  • 20-Sep-2012

    Power Up at Work

    Screen Swami Desktop Yoga - A Dedicated Email

    In India, disciples served the teacher (“guru”) for many years before learning their first yoga posture.

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  • 19-Sep-2012

    Hip Hip Hooray

    Move and Groove

    In the 21st century, we take mobility for granted as we travel with our cell phones, computers, music and apps on the go.

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  • 05-Sep-2012

    Give It a Whistle

    Pranayama for Relaxation

    When Pinocchio needed to call on his conscience, all he had to do was “give a little whistle.” It turns out that...

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  • 25-Jul-2012

    Stretch Your Horizons

    Navel Point Yoga

    The ancient yogic scriptures claim that all yoga begins at the navel point. The navel is not just a point; it is...

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  • 27-Jun-2012

    In the Swim

    Water as Therapy

    Summertime—it’s a great time to get in the swim with some water “therapy.” Swimming offers so many...

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  • 30-May-2012

    Out With It

    Apana for Elimination

    You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Yogi Bhajan taught that you are also “what you eliminate.”

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  • 02-May-2012

    The Grand Gland

    Praise for the Pituitary

    The pituitary is a pea-sized gland located at the center of the base of your brain, just below the hypothalamus...

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  • 18-Apr-2012

    Get Your Warrior On

    Kundalini Archer Pose

    Whether you’re in search of stability, love or courage, practicing Archer Pose is the perfect way to embody...

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  • 07-Mar-2012

    Back to Earth

    Emerging from Meditation

    Your eyes are closed and you breathe slowly and with ease as your thoughts float by. You are in the meditative..."

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  • 22-Feb-2012

    The Long Stretch

    Flex Your Life Nerve

    The secret to long life and health is as close as the back of your legs. With the yogic power of Life Nerve Stretch...

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