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  • 05-Sep-2012

    Give It a Whistle

    Pranayama for Relaxation

    When Pinocchio needed to call on his conscience, all he had to do was “give a little whistle.” It turns out that...

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  • 22-Aug-2012

    Slough It Off

    Using a Body Brush

    Don’t give your lymph system the "brush off"—it’s a first line of defense to keep you strong and healthy.

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  • 27-Jun-2012

    In the Swim

    Water as Therapy

    Summertime—it’s a great time to get in the swim with some water “therapy.” Swimming offers so many...

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  • 30-May-2012

    Out With It

    Apana for Elimination

    You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Yogi Bhajan taught that you are also “what you eliminate.”

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  • 25-Jan-2012

    Babies' Breath

    Relax into Child's Pose

    It’s a natural thing to breathe like a newborn…from your very first breath, you knew the proper way to inhale...

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  • 11-Jan-2012

    Rock Your World

    The Benefits of Bow Pose

    Stress got you tied up in knots? Get some help with bow pose—a posture that really rocks.

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  • 15-Nov-2011

    Sole Stories

    Walk Your Talk Flip Flops - A Dedicated Email

    In the history of footwear, the humble flip flop has been around almost as long as humankind has walked...

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  • 21-Aug-2011

    Simmer Down

    Cooling Yogic Breath

    Is it hot enough for you? If so, cool yourself down with some simple yogic breathing techniques. Here’s a good one...

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  • 07-Aug-2011

    Exercise Choice

    Jazz Up Your Workout

    In the 1950s, we moved our hips with hula hoops, in the 80’s we pulled on leg warmers and bounced to an aerobic beat.

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  • 02-Aug-2011

    Tap Into Energy

    Shiva Rea's A.M. Energy - A Dedicated Email

    What’s the best way to tap into your flow and begin your day feeling healthy, vibrant, and focused? Yoga, of course!

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