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  • 12-Aug-2012

    Riding the Roller Coaster

    Stay in the Neutral Zone

    Up one day, down the next – whether it’s the political climate, keeping your business afloat in a tough...

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  • 29-Jul-2012

    Bowl-ed Over

    Tibetan Singing Bowls

    Remember running your finger around the rim of a wine glass to make it hum? The same concept lies...

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  • 06-May-2012

    Tender Touch

    Develop Healing Hands

    You have a healing power in your hands. Years ago, the first “Kirlian” photography images showed energy...

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  • 08-Apr-2012

    Lullabye Time

    Music for a Restful Night

    After a long day’s work, wouldn’t it be lovely to have someone sing you to sleep? We all know about the...

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  • 25-Mar-2012

    When Day is Done

    Let the Sun Set on Your Troubles

    We all know how powerful it is to meditate in the morning as the sun is rising—catching that wave of energy...

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  • 10-Nov-2011

    Dreaming Big

    Realize Your Heart's Desire

    Poet Robert Browning asked: “Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?” So, how big are your dreams?

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  • 11-Aug-2011

    Why Worry?

    Let Your Troubles Go

    “Don’t worry, be happy!” Sounds simple, right? Considering that we have 1,000 thoughts per blink of the eye...

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  • 12-May-2011

    Looks Like an Angel

    Mantras for Protection

    Since recorded history, human beings have felt the presence of protective spirits. The Old Testament refers to “guardian angels”...

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  • 24-Apr-2011

    Calling the Unknown

    The Power of Prayer

    Humans share many things, including the urge to call on something greater than ourselves. We may invoke the heavens...

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  • 10-Apr-2011

    You are the World

    Affirm Your Uniqueness

    You are unique in all the universe, like a diamond with multiple facets. Maybe you’re the best cook in the family...

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