Your Inner King Kong

Let Music Tame the Monkey Mind

Sometimes it’s tough to chill out. Stress comes at you from work, from family and from yourself, trying to keep up with the hectic pace of life in the fast lane. It can be enough to make you beat your chest and climb a skyscraper.

These days, it’s natural to turn to music for relief. But be conscious of what kind you choose. Most popular music is what the yogis refer to as “emotive”, meaning it is designed to evoke and promote emotion. It trains the mind and heart to follow the emotions, which is probably not going to be a successful strategy for happiness. The yogic scriptures liken that frenetic frame of mind to a monkey’s, and suggest a different approach. Find music that appeals to you on a deeper level, music that inspires neutrality of mind and fullness of heart. Soothe the savage beast by calling forth your inner angel!

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Anonymous commented on 30-Oct-2009 03:01 PM3 out of 5 stars

I remember Yogi Bhajan saying that it is the heavy bass in a lot of modern music that stimulates the energy of the chakras in the lower triangle that don't focus on peace and tranquility.

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