You Shall Overcome

The Art of Perseverance

Times are tough and that’s when the tough keep up! Each of us faces challenges to our physical, mental and emotional limits. Yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyle habits all prepare you to go through difficult times with a certain grace. Persevering through the rough patches fosters patience and courage, affording you the opportunity to reflect on what is really important—the gifts of friendship, good health and a strong spirit. Planting the seeds of a steady outer discipline will in time yield the fruit of great inner peace.

When you think you can’t keep going, try remembering the times when you overcame a difficult situation. Perhaps you had a childhood bully you learned to stand up to, or maybe you needed to get over shyness or self-esteem issues. Your character has been built by your ability to go through difficult times, so call on all of your powers of positive thinking to stay on your path and don’t give up. You may just be inspiring others around you by your inner strength!

Recommended: Keep Going - The Art of Perserverance by Joseph M. Marshall


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