When Day is Done

Let the Sun Set on Your Troubles

We all know how powerful it is to meditate in the morning as the sun is rising—catching that wave of energy before day is upon us, riding it, flowing with it, being awakened and inspired by it. The power of the sunrise to awaken the spirit is as powerful as its daily counterpart—sunset. Sunset, with it’s often spectacular light show, is considered a time for romance, of sharing time with those you love. As well, the mood is set for solitude and personal reflection.

At sunset, as the waves of light retreat, they take with them the stresses, challenges and leftover debris of the day, thus cleansing your being. The sun’s retreat offers a time for appreciation, gratitude and an ability to reflect on what the day has brought and lessons to be remembered. Enjoy meditating on the beauty of the sunset as you transition into a rejuvenating sleep, knowing a new day will dawn with infinite possibilities!

Recommended: Seascape at Sunset Meditation DVD by Don Sweeney


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