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One of the places in the body stress most often accumulates is the lower back. The discs between each vertebra act like shock absorbers, cushioning the nerves and bones of your spinal column. They are made of living cartilage and require movement and circulation to remain healthy.

Here’s an effective and easy exercise to do daily: Sit up straight, shoulders relaxed. Place your hands on your shoulders comfortably, fingers on the front side, thumbs in back. As best you can, lift the elbows so that the arms are in a straight line, parallel to the ground. Simply twist to the left as you inhale, to the right as you exhale. Continue for 1-3 minutes. When finished, inhale deeply, holding the body still. Contain the breath for 3-10 seconds, then exhale and hold the breath out. Close the eyes and observe the new found energy flowing up the spine and through the top of the head. Repeat the final breath twice. Relax and let the energy circulate.

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