The Marvel of Mantra

Sprinkle on Some Sound

The word mantra literally translates to “mind-wave.” Repeating a mantra is an age-old technology of controlling your own thoughts through the frequency of sound. In fact, every word we utter has a specific frequency. Mantra is a concentrated vibration to focus the mind—a very useful tool in the “information age.”

Every thought has a measurable frequency that creates a powerful resonance within you. A specific mantra can focus your mind on the thought frequency and can also neutralize negative mental patterns. You can use mantra as a control switch to balance out your “monkey mind” with ancient and time-tested vibrations. Experiment with mantra. Try chanting long Sat Nam (rhymes with “but Mom” and translates as I am Truth). Close your eyes, press your palms together at the heart center, inhale deeply and chant this mantra 5 times with a sweet voice on a long exhale. (An example can be heard in the last 12 seconds of this video.) Feel the peace and the power of mantra!

Recommended Read: Mantras: Words of Power by Swami Sivananda Radha


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