The Long Stretch

Flex Your Life Nerve

The secret to long life and health is as close as the back of your legs. With the yogic power of Life Nerve Stretch you can maintain flexibility (the key to staying young), as well as give your whole body a tune-up. This nerve runs from the back of the heels, up through the sciatic nerve and through the lower, middle and upper back. Doing this stretch every day gives you a flexible spine, helps with emotional balance and strengthens the digestive system.

To stretch your “life nerve,” sit on your mat, inhale deeply and bend forward, grabbing onto your toes. If you can’t reach your toes, hold your ankles or knees. Keep the knees on the floor—no bending the knees. Gently stretch your chest down to your knees with long deep breathing, pulling back on the toes, so you can feel the stretch in the back of the legs for 3 minutes. This is a “wonder posture” for women, helping with urinary problems, cold feet, muscle spasms and fatigue. Stretch and flex to stay young and healthy for years to come!

Yogamint Food & Flow video demonstrating Life Nerve Stretch: Limber for Life

Recommended: Full-Body Flexibility by Jay Blahnik and Kundalini Yoga Ultimate Stretch Workout with Ana Brett and Ravi Singh


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