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At the close of every yoga class is a period of deep relaxation. Lying on your back, you scan the body, breathing deeply and slowly, consciously relaxing every muscle. Practicing patience, tension flows out of your body and mind.

The hidden lesson in yogic relaxation, also called Corpse Pose or Shivasana, is powerful and practical. Now, in any moment that seems rife with stress, you can use the breath to recall your experience and direct a sensation of calm throughout your body, actualizing a more tranquil, stable mind. As you cultivate a meditative mind through your practice, this process becomes easier. But it is never automatic. It is the creative application of your meditative mind that bring peace to bear, no matter the circumstances. It starts in Shivasana. By deeply relaxing you will be able to see more clearly who you are and be better able to elevate and apply yourself in life with peace, love and gratitude.

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Anonymous commented on 14-Sep-2009 06:59 AM5 out of 5 stars

I also think this is a good way to start the yoga class, so we can let go of any expectations and to remind ourselves to be mindful and be present throughout the class.

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