Sum of the Parts

Synergize to Realize

Synergy is all around us. Think of nature’s intricate dance. To make a ripe peach takes the choreography of sunlight, nutrients and time. To create a family takes commitment, love and trust. Life is a pattern of interconnected lives and experiences. “No man is an island entire of itself,” said the poet John Donne. When you work, play, eat and dream, you are connected to the lives of people known and unknown.

Think of all the ways you could add more synergy to your life. If you want to be “green” how about carpooling to work or the grocery store? Invite your children or spouse to join you in your yoga practice for fun family time. Volunteer with others whose share your passion for making the world a better place. Like the intertwined threads of a rope, we are stronger and more resilient when we join together to manifest a common goal, whether through sharing tasks, raising funds or meditating together. Synergy is harmony!

Recommended: How to Make the World a Better Place by Linda Catling and Jeffrey Hollender


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