Stick Out Your Tongue

Yogic Breath Freshener

As a child, you might have been told to “mind your tongue.” As it turns out, paying attention to this under-appreciated organ holds an important key to your good health. The mucous membranes in the lining of your nasal passages, throat and mouth collect a host of sulphur-producing bacteria, which end up as a white film on your tongue. Scraping your tongue (a yogic technique called Jiva Sodhana) not only freshens your breath, but helps open up your breathing passages and prevents the toxins collected in your mouth from entering your bloodstream.

Practice tongue scraping regularly as part of your morning routine. Use your toothbrush or a tongue scraper to get the job done. Stick your tongue out and carefully place the scraper at the back of the tongue. Scrape forward, rinsing the white mucous off the scraper between scrapings. Repeat several times, then rinse your mouth, clean your scraper and proceed to brushing your teeth. Do it daily and your immune system will thank you!

Try some Tongue-Wagging Yoga

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