Sangat and Pangat

Breaking Bread Together

A very old yogic strategy is based on two loving practices: Sangat and Pangat. Sangat is gathering in devotional service to chant, meditate and take time to give thanks. Pangat is sitting with others and sharing a meal prepared with love. In our busy lives, we sometimes forget the power of associating with others in an uplifting environment, sharing joyfully and eating mindfully. Coming together to pray, heal and enjoy food in a caring and conscious way is a wonderful antidote to the stresses of modern life.

During holidays or family reunions, you may experience a taste of sangat and pangat, as you eat together to celebrate with gratitude. Gathering with others doesn’t require a holiday as each day you breathe again and share life with your loved ones is a holiday. Invite friends over to do some yoga, sing uplifting songs and join together in a meal of thanks. Feed your body and feed your soul!

Recommended: Feed Your Soul: A Cookbook That Nourishes Body Mind And Spirit by George Fowler


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