Road Not Taken

Let Your Path Diverge

Poet Robert Frost said taking the road less traveled “made all the difference.” Taking the same old habitual path may seem safe, but wearing too much of a groove in life can take a toll. Creativity dies a little and that spark of passion and joy dims as well. The trick is to be on the lookout for those places in your daily life where the “paths diverge” just enough to keep boredom from taking over.

Changing your normal routine, you might find hidden treasures in your travel to and from work. Slow down for a moment, pause to admire a sunset or a tree and enjoy the magic of light, sound and life unfolding. These little diversions awaken your senses and heighten your passion for life. The known, well-trodden path may be comfortable, but the unknown also brings some hidden benefits. After all, who says you can’t travel paths both familiar and bold?

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