Joy to Your World

A Yogamint Holiday Message

Take a minute. Better yet, take an entire hour or however long it takes. Close the door, light a candle, put on some soothing music and relax. Bask in the quiet serenity of these precious moments and wash away all of your cares. Recognize all that you have experienced in 2011—the good and the great, as well the challenging opportunities. Allow yourself to release anxiety, shed a few tears and reach deep within to acknowledge the wonder of your life and the possibilities ahead in the new year.

You are a precious gem—uniquely placed in this time and space to bring the gift of light to the planet. At Yogamint, we honor you and your commitment to live in peace and harmony with those you love, your community and all beings on Mother Earth. In the coming year, may each breath be a deep and healing one and each step you take bring you closer to realizing the full measure of your amazing self. Have a bountiful and blessed holiday season.

Sat Nam & Namaste,
The Yogamint Team

Recommendation: Believe: A Gift to Celebrate New Beginnings by Dan Zadra and A New Earth 2012 Engagement Calendar by Eckhart Tolle


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