Penny for Your Thoughts

Wealth is in the Mind

Do you cringe when you open the mailbox and find only bills? When you get an unexpected bonus in your paycheck, do you say to yourself, “It’s about time”? Whether it’s dollars, pesos, euros, yen or seashells, money is a medium of exchange, a form of energy that passes from one person to another. How you respond to that energy, including your attitudes and actions around money, can make a difference in your happiness factor.

Whether you have money in the bank, or you’re living “hand-to-mouth,” money will always ebb and flow over the course of your lifetime. Chances are, if you build your self-esteem and sense of security on your bank statement each month, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Stay neutral, live with an “attitude of gratitude” for all life’s blessings and experience abundance in your relationships, work and spirit. You’re sure to build a credit balance in the column marked “a rich and satisfying life.” That is true wealth!

Be Clear and Prosper (video meditation)

Recommended: The Energy of Money – A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fulfillment by Maria Nemeth Ph.D


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