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Get Ready for Serendipity

In a fairy tale, three Sri Lankan princes travel the Middle East making amazing discoveries. The Arabic word for their homeland – Serendip – led British author Hugh Walpole to coin the term “serendipity.” Serendipity speaks to the outcome of observation and accidental discovery, leading to scientific breakthroughs ranging from penicillin and electromagnetism to Viagra and Superglue. As Shakespeare wrote: “All things are ready if our minds be so.”

Observe your mind. Observe your world. Let the two interact free of emotion and commotion. The universe is a transparent net, like a web. Send out your thoughts and then be open to receiving. Watch how things are coming to you—allow ideas that seem unrelated to each other suddenly create a whole new way of thinking. See the possibilities in juxtaposing diverse thoughts or actions. Throw a surprising new ingredient into a well-loved recipe, try a fun piece of jewelry with a simple outfit or add a new hobby or activity to your well-worn groove. Invite serendipity on the journey…and watch your world expand!

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